Red Dun Ranch


Red Dun Ranch is a 7.27 acre therapeutic property located near Highway 288 and the south Sam Houston Tollway, about 20 minutes from downtown Houston.  The property includes a quaint farmhouse that is used as an office by several clinicians who practice independently.  In addition to beautiful old oak trees, Red Dun Ranch is home to a herd of horses, goats, a miniature longhorn steer and numerous dogs and cats.  The property is owned and maintained by Dr. Laurie Baldwin and her long-time partner, Tom Kitchen.  Together, they offer a unique setting for individual, family, couples and group therapy, as well as for learning opportunities such as workshops, classes and meetings.  Additionally, Dr. Baldwin welcomes clinicians who may be interested in expanding their practice to include Red Dun Ranch as a setting, and other professionals who may be interested in Red Dun Ranch as a setting for activities such as teaching, yoga, meditation, coaching, and personal development.


We recognize that not everyone receives help and makes change in the same way.  Therefore, our mission is to create an environment where clients can achieve maximum change and we do that by making available to them alternative methods and resources which results in therapy that is creative, flexible and effective.  Additionally, we are committed to honoring nature and animals and we strive to provide the most natural and earth friendly environment for us all.  This commitment includes allowing clients to bring their animals to Red Dun Ranch as a part of their therapy.


In order to know fully what services are available at Red Dun Ranch, please consult the websites of the following independently practicing clinicians:

Dr. Laurie Baldwin

Dr. Beverly Walsh

Dr. Lisa Robinson

Ms. Jayna Haney


Be more satisfied with your life and relationships

Cope with autism spectrum problems by maximizing social, emotional and behavioral abilities

Grieve loss due to death, divorce, or break-up of an important relationship

Heal from the experience of a traumatic event

Identify and achieve important goals

Improve your mood and control emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety and anger

Improve problematic relationships and set healthy boundaries

Learn behavioral and organizational strategies to help with attention deficit disorder

Learn effective coping skills to deal with life’s stressful situations

Recover from addictions or intervene with a loved one who has an addiction

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