Red Dun Ranch


Red Dun Ranch is a unique, therapeutic, seven acre property located near Highway 288 and the south Sam Houston Tollway, just before you get to Pearland and Shadow Creek Ranch.  Dr. Laurie Baldwin, Dr. Beverly Walsh, and Dr. Lisa Robinson are psychologists who practice in a holistic manner that emphasizes health and well being.  We specialize in psychotherapy which can move back and forth between an office in a renovated farm house and the pasture, where our animal partners reside.


We recognize that not everyone receives help and makes change in the same way.  Therefore, our mission is to create an environment where clients can achieve maximum change and we do that by making available to them alternative methods and resources which results in therapy that is creative, flexible and effective.



Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families

Diagnostic evaluations for possible problems such as ADD or bipolar disorder

Play therapy for younger children

Life coaching and consultation


Therapy for individuals and families

Group therapy for adolescents struggling with addictive behaviors and other behavioral problems

Personal development workshops, such as Women Whispering with Horses

Corporate groups to assist with organizational goals, such as team building and leadership training

Learning opportunities for organizations such as schools and church groups

Adjunctive therapy for clinicians or treatment programs that would like to offer equine therapy


Be more satisfied with your life and relationships

Cope with autism spectrum problems by maximizing social, emotional and behavioral abilities

Grieve loss due to death, divorce, or break-up of an important relationship

Heal from the experience of a traumatic event

Identify and achieve important goals

Improve your mood and control emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety and anger

Improve problematic relationships and set healthy boundaries

Learn behavioral and organizational strategies to help with attention deficit disorder

Learn effective coping skills to deal with life’s stressful situations

Recover from addictions or intervene with a loved one who has an addiction

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